6 Important Questions To Ask International Moving Company Before Hiring Them


An international move is not like your usual domestic move. There are a lot of challenges that comes with planning an international move, which if not managed properly, may cause you to pay more than anticipated. If you want to avoid hidden costs and have a smooth international moving experience, hiring the best long-distance movers in Sacramento by your side is vital. Unlike local relocation, moving your belongings to another country is more challenging than it seems. There are customs, permits, and other things you will be dealing with. Because international moving services are costlier than other moving services, you wouldn’t want to end up with a bad moving experience.

But with the right international moving company, you no longer have to worry about all of the possible issues. After incidents of fake reviews, finding moving companies based on popular reviews is clearly a no-no.

Therefore, we’ve come up with all the vital questions you can ask from your international moving service before hiring them for your move. By asking the right questions, you can ensure that your relocation to a new country with all your possessions will go smoothly and hassle-free.

1. Since when are you providing this service?

You can’t trust any international moving company out there. No matter what they boast, it’s important to check their work experience with previous customers in order to ensure that they can be trusted.

2. Do you hold a license for providing international moving services?
It’s very essential to ensure that the freight forwarding companies Sacramento you are considering for hiring holds a license to performing an international relocation. Or, that they are registered or not in order to make sure they are a reliable company to hire.

3. What documentation and preparation do I need to consider?:

Every qualified international moving company will let you know what documentation you will need to move your items to the targeted country. They might even guide you through the whole documentation in order to fill it out properly.

4.Are there any items that are not allowed to be moved? :

There are specific items that can’t be transported or shipped because they are forbidden in the other country. Always ask your movers to provide you with a list of items that are not allowed at your destination country in order to avoid wasting time and effort in the packing process.

5. What do I need to be aware of about the custom process?:

An experienced international mover will provide you with all information on customs requirements, further guiding you through the entire custom process.

6. Do I need to be present at the customs office when I arrive at the destination? :
At times, you may be required to be present and deal with the customs office to clear the customs on your items or goods. This may happen, though it’s not necessary. Different countries may have a different process for clearing the customs. So, indeed, it’s a vital question to be asked.

Final words:
Although you can ask as many questions as you can to have more clarity about the process, the above questions will help you find reliable international movers in Sacramento.