Moving costs: How Much Does It Cost For Relocation


Many people like living in Sacramento because of the beautiful mountains, wide and clean downtown streets, and the ocean which is a few drives away. However, people are relocate from Sacramento to new locations with the help of movers in Sacramento for so many reasons. It could be better job opportunities, high cost of living, increased crime rate, or other personal reasons. Moving is challenging work. It consists of so many things that are waiting to be done. It can give you so much stress if you haven’t planned things wisely. When hiring a moving company, you may wonder what does it cost me to move if I move to a new location from Sacramento. If you have an idea about moving costs in Sacramento before you hire moving services, you can plan your budget well and find ways to save money.

This blog will give you information on how does it cost to move to Sacramento :

The average cost of a local move in Sacramento

Most relocation companies charge on an hourly basis. On average, movers charge between 60$ to 150$ per hour for local moves for a 2 man team after a 2-hour minimum.
Each additional mover runs about $ 40 to $50. For an additional truck, it will take about between $30 to $40.

There are other factors too that influence the relocation costs in Sacramento. As you know, movers have an hourly based rate. For example. if a mover is charging 40$ per hour. In 4 hours, that one mover will charge about 160$. The additional cost will also add based on other factors like distance, timing, and more.

Let’s move on to knowing all those factors that affect the moving price :


Packing is a long job and it will take time. No matter you do it or the movers, packing requires time . If you want the movers to handle the packing and unpacking of your relocation, it will affect the moving cost.


If you hire a moving company on peak season, you will come across high charges. During the holiday season, the moving industry has the most demand for moving services. So, you can wait until the off-season and then book the service. Also, don’t hire moving services in bad season or in the time period when weather is bad as it will add up to the moving price.


Distance will affect your moving price because a larger distance means a higher cost of transportation. As fuel consumption is more when moving to a location that is far away, transportation charges will be higher. Moreover, when a moving or shipping company in Sacramento has to get your stuff moved to the farthest place, it will take more time. This means the shipping charge will increase, ultimately increasing the cost of your move. Movers travel through the roads which are able to handle the width and weight of the trucks. If the move is a long-distance move, it can cause the drive to go from the only roads that can manage the truck’s weight. Consequently, the shipping time will be higher.