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Dear Movers, Thank you for the best moving experience we have ever had, and we’ve had more than enough experience moving including 7 major and minor moves in the last 5 years. We’ve used other local and national firms over the years. None came near to your performance. Your team, Kyle, and Jeff, were wonderful. They were skillful, careful, energetic, and efficient. They were so cheerful throughout that it was a positive pleasure to see them around. Not that our move didn’t present them with many problems. We presented them with lots of problems; furniture too big to fit through a door, frail pieces of furniture and irreplaceable antiques, packed boxes galore, and lots of breakables, everything that can make a move difficult. But everything arrived safe and sound (which has never happened to us before) and in the place we wanted it to be. At the end of the day, we felt like shouting for joy because this move was so well done. In all our previous moves we had goods damaged, things misplaced and were left in a state of semi-chaos. Not so with your work. I’m recommending you to all our friends, and I would recommend you to anyone who wants moving to be an efficient, organized, and satisfying experience.