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Smooth Process and On-time Delivery

EXCELLENT! From the first interaction with Alex of setting the date of our move, to having a home visit, to receiving the estimate, and easily changing our move date forward by one week with Steve, EVERYTHING was handled professionally and efficiently. Alex was very clear in explaining the process of how we would be charged based on weight, gas, mileage and time. The day of the load Nowell and Miles were hard working and friendly. Moving is stressful and they didn’t add any tension to the situation. The following day at the new house things went VERY WELL. We all worked together getting boxes and furniture in the assigned rooms and by the time they left our beds were assembled and the fridge was cooling down. Everything arrived in one piece and we were extremely happy with the experience we shared with them. Even the bottom line invoice was a little less than they estimated! I highly recommend this company; 5 STARS all the way!