Yelp Review - A Better Moving

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Let’s just say they are the best. They are honest and over delivered on everything. I had to be out of my house and move cross country in two days. Steve, the manager, helped me get my mind straight and came up with many doable options. I ended up getting a 26 foot Uhaul and he sent his dream team to help load it on a day’s notice. I had a 5 bedroom house and figured I would get 2 bedrooms at most in the truck. The dream team showed up at 11 and were done by 3. Don and the other guy were the movers. They filled the Uhaul like a Tetris puzzle. Every inch was packed to the ceiling. Thankfully, I was able to keep the important stuff and a lot more because of how they packed it. There were so many breakable items, from lamps to picture frames and they made sure it was all packed in securely. I moved it into a storage facility twice the size of my Uhaul and it barely fit. That’s how tight they packed me. These movers are incredible!  Their speed was amazing. Don had 120 hours in…in two weeks. He came in on his day off to help me because Steve told him I was in a bind. My experience was absolutely the best and I highly recommend this company. Steve will set you up and if you get the “Don and Don” crew, they will wow you!  My neighbors watched from afar and they were shocked at how quickly they finished too. Thanks, guys. All of you were exceptional and I cannot express my gratitude enough for what you did.