Vital Tips To choose a Reliable Moving Company


Moving is not only a huge deal but also a stressful event. It is a lot more complex than you think. That’s where moving companies come to provide all the help you need for a successful move. However, finding reliable movers Sacramento is not an easy task. If you have heard stories of moving scams, you may be worried about hiring one for your move. Thankfully, by staying well-informed and doing some research, you can find a trustworthy moving company and avoid being scammed by crafty moving companies.

Here are some top tips to choose a reliable moving company to have a successful and less stressful moving experience:
• Estimation bait

One of the common moving scams is giving estimation that seems low cost or too low cost. Estimates quoted over the phone or online are most likely to become problematic later. You will definitely experience additional costs when the job is finished. Because no moving company can provide a correct estimation of cost without visiting your home and looking over the goods or items you want to move to another location. So, if someone gives estimates over the phone or online, you should be suspicious. Also, when the moving professional comes to see your items and then provides you an estimate, don’t forget to show the items kept in storage as they are the most common left out. Take at least 3 written quotes from different moving companies.

Some companies may be too quick to take in cash from you or in advance before the move has actually started. If this is the case, first don’t give them any case before your move. This may be a sign of a fraudulent company. A reputable company will not ask for deposits before the move.

• Check if they are licensed

You can check the USDOT number. If the moving and shipping company Sacramento you wish to hire has this number, it means they are registered with FMCSA and they are legitimate to perform moving business. It is the number that is issued by The U.S. Department of Transportation FMCSA to all licensed and insured moving companies.

• Get referrals from friends and see reviews

Searching for a reliable moving service online can get really tricky as you will come across so many movers. Or you can reach a previous customer through social media to know about their experience for an XYZ company. Another way to find a good company is to reach out to your friends and acquaintances to know if they can recommend a reliable moving company with which they have had a good experience.

• Notice whether they show professionalism while dealing with it.

Note if the company is able to answer your all questions confidently and also is inquiring about your stuff. This tells that they are a professional company. While coming to your home to provide estimates, see if they are on time or have their own moving van.

Getting a reliable mover can save your money and have a smooth moving experience.