What Not To Pack When Moving

What Not To Pack When Moving

Last-minute loose ends can strain nerves and throw you off schedule while relocating and choosing what to pack and what not to is often a part of this. However, there are some unexpected (not-so-surprising) home items that you cannot transport in your moving vehicle. Although it might be hard to let go of stuff you have had for a long time, making decisions before you move may save you a lot of time and difficulty. Some products, which you should not pack yourself, may require the services of a professional packer. A Sacramento moving service can help you make your moving process hassle-free while guiding you on what and what not to pack.

Review this list before you begin packing to ensure that you handle these products carefully. While you cannot take them with you, you can distribute any remaining goods to friends, family, and neighbors. You may be aware of some items which you may transport, but a few are also there that might cause problems if you are not aware of them.

Here Are Some Items You Should Not Pack and Move With the Rest of Your Belongings:


Money, securities, valuable papers, and jewels are the treasures you should keep close at hand. If they are currently safely stored in a bank safe deposit box, do not forget to open a new safe deposit box near your new house and transfer the goods there before your move.

Perishable Food:

Moving perishable food is not worth the expense. Frozen foods, vegetables, opened food, and refrigerated food is a few examples of items you should not bring. Dry goods packages in sealed packaging are usually safe. Consider donating the food to your local food bank. They will be delighted to accept them, saving you the trouble of unpacking and disposing of cardboard boxes and coolers.


Aerosol cans, ammonia, paints, fertilizer, car batteries, matches, bleach, and fuel are items you should not pack while relocating since they are explosive, flammable, or corrosive on their own and may combine with other chemicals to create dangerous substances. Inquire with your local hazardous waste agency about how to properly dispose of these goods. The local fire department will be able to direct you precisely.

Plants and Flowers:

Since certain states prohibit plants from crossing state boundaries, a moving company will be unable to transfer them for you. Are you relocating locally? Way ahead of moving day: Inquire with the hired shipping company in Sacramento if they can transport plants. Any plant owner does not want their plants to go too long without water!


Consult with your pharmacist about getting your medicines moved to your new address and learning how to transport them securely. Don’t forget about your pet’s meds. Speak with your veterinarian about transferring your medical records and medicines to your new residence.

Important Documents:

Save all your documentation, including social security cards, birth certificates, and all new house information, in one place while packing. You may need it throughout the relocation, and having documents you can pick up and utilize during the process will make it a bit hassle-free. It applies to all sorts of moves — keeps your moving documentation with you.