When Should You Start Packing To Move?

When Should You Start Packing To Move

Packing and moving to a different city or state is a big decision and comes with challenges. While you made the initial step, it is important to hire a Sacramento moving service to assist you with the move. Packing up your life and moving down the street or across the country is a big step. Although it can be stressful or scary, it also can lead to great things. Packing for a move generally takes much longer than people expect. Leaving little things until the end causes unnecessary anxiety and can, ultimately, delay your expected moving time.

Start Planning and Packing Early

Starting early is advisable to reduce panic and any last-minute hassle that may lead to forgetting to pack essential things.

The time you need to spend to pack for a move depends on factors such as the number of items you are moving, the size of your home, and how you plan to handle the actual move. Regardless, the sooner you begin preparations, the better.

The ideal time allotment would be five (5) weeks before the final move day. Five weeks are usually sufficient to organize and pack your belongings. However, depending on many variables, you may need to start earlier than five weeks. Do not forget to hire a moving company also to ensure their availability for your desired moving date.

Things To Do Before Packing

  • One thing you should do before packing is decluttering your house. This will help you save time and money by simply packing useful things you need in your new home.
  • Your home should be clean and organized before you begin packing. This will make the packing process easier because you know what to pick. Everything will be in its proper place, and it will be easy to keep unnecessary items aside.
  • Discard old furniture because it takes up the most room in the vehicle and increases the cost of your relocation. Selling the old furniture may also help fund the new move.

The Day Before The Move

  • Clean the refrigerator, defrost the freezer, and discard any perishable food.
  • All furniture and appliances you are bringing with you should have labels.
  • During the relocation, carry your cash, jewelry, credit cards, and other valuables.


You can devise a plan and adopt a no-hassle packing approach roughly five weeks before the move. Throw away anything you do not need or haven’t used in at least six months. Additionally, heavy objects like bed frames and tables need advanced packing.