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Moving Boxes & Supplies

At A Better Moving Company, we carry a range of moving boxes and supplies to help make your move as easy as possible. Stop by our shipping counter and box store to see what we have on hand. We sell moving boxes, wardrobes, bubble wrap, packing tape and paper, and many more packaging products.  So, if you are looking for goods movers in Sacramento that you can rely on for supplies and other equipment you need for the shipment of your goods, our company is here to meet these needs as well.

Looking for a quality and affordable moving service?

Moving Boxes – Sizes

Dish-pack – 18×18.5×27.5″$6.95
EZ Pack Insert Kit (Glass/Dish)$16.95
File Box – 12.5×10.5×15.5″ (standard)$3.95
Lamp Carton – 13x13x38″$5.95
Large – 18x18x24″$4.95
Medium – 18x18x16.5″
Mini Dish pack/EZ Pack – 18x18x14″$6.95
Mirror Pack – Large – 48x4x33″$9.95
Mirror Pack – Medium – 37x4x28″$6.95
Mirror Pack – Small – 24x4x26″
Small – 16x12x12″$2.35
TV/Computer/Microwave Box$11.95
Wardrobe Box – Large – 24x20x45″, incl. bar$17.95
Wardrobe Box – Small – 24x20x34″, incl. bar$14.95
Wardrobe Flats – 36×19.5×9$6.95
X-Large – 22x22x22″$5.95
XX-Large – 30x30x30″ international shipping box [speed pack]$24.95

Moving Supplies and Accessories

Furniture Pads 72″ Square – multi-colored$24.95
Furniture Pads 72″ Square – solid-colored$29.95
Paper Pads – 4.75×5.75′$4.58
Tape – 55 Yards$4.95
Tape – 110 Yards$6.95
Tape Gun (including one roll of tape)$19.95
Bubble Wrap – small or large, 12×30″$10.38
Shrink Wrap – 1500’x18″$57.95 per roll
Shrink Wrap – 1000’x5″$19.00 per roll
Packing Peanuts – 1.5 cu’$9.95
Packing Peanuts – .75 cu’$5.95
Paper (various sizes)$1.39 per pound
Paper (30 pound roll)$36.95
Paper (10 pound box)$16.95
Washer Brace$7.95
Mattress Bags Single/Full/Double/Queen/King$9.95
Chair Covers (2)$9.95
Sofa Cover (up to 100″ long)$9.95

Moving Equipment

4-Wheel Piano/Furniture Dolly$95.95
Hand Truck$195.00
Appliance Dolly$439.00

Everything you need to make your move successful.