Top 5 Tips to You protect Yourself From Moving Scams

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Every year, a large number of people relocate and move to new locations for finding better career opportunities. Other times, they also move due to other personal reasons. The most important factor while you plan your move is choosing a reliable Sacramento moving service that will help you with relocation. Moving scams are quite common in some parts of the United States.

It’s sad to see your money go wasted in a scam and get tricked by a moving company.
However, by being prudent and knowledgeable, you can protect yourself from becoming the victim of a moving scam. When hiring a moving company, it’s important to gather as much right information as you can for a great and reliable moving experience.

In this blog, we will cover all the essential tips that will help you stay clear of the moving scams and terrible moving experiences.

Research is important

Never be lazy when it comes to collecting information and research about the moving company you are going to hire. Find out what their past customers say about them. Look into the past customer reviews to know about the company’s background. You could even talk to the past customers if they are reliable or not.

Examine your moving contract carefully

It’s important to study the moving contract carefully. This will make sure that there are no hidden charges and you will not end up paying extra than it was needed. And before you sign the moving contract, make sure that you are signing the full copy of the contract and no part is remaining. Sign a full contract. This will save you from getting surprised by the extra charges for the services you may take. Moving companies are infamous for doing this scam. So be aware of it.

Know your rights

You need to know your rights and responsibilities if you’re hiring a moving company. In some states, movers are supposed to give you a booklet. This booklet will define your rights and responsibilities when you move. Understand the terms of conditions of the moving contract you’re signing.

Take many moving quotes other than just one

Taking many quotes can help you make a good choice from the offers moving companies are providing to you. This is a great way to get yourself a grab a good deal.

Don’t give a large deposit if the movers ask

It’s okay to give some deposit to the company you have hired, but you should not give any big amount before the move is completed. Any moving and shipping company Sacramento that is asking for a deposit of more than $ 500 is not the one to hire. It’s not the company to be relied upon. So, it is a red flag.

Check their license information and their physical address

There is a good chance that you may end up with a dishonest moving company if you don’t check their license. Also, check their reviews and their physical address. Having no physical address and no license information is a red flag. All in all, make sure you choose a licensed company with a good past record.